About Mary Beth

Mary Beth has been in the custom framing business since she was 15 years old. This experience, paired with her passion for framing, has given her the talent for listening to her clients and transferring what she hears into their framed vision.  She is always honored that her customers entrust her with their histories, family photos and memorabilia.  She is excited to preserve something that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Some of her favorite projects have been a positive pregnancy test for a women who was told she could never get pregnantOwner of TMB Frames Marybeth has owned the store for over 20 years, a lock of 100 year old hair fro a Great Grandma and a shadowbox of a hand-painted tie that a 7 year old made for her father who died.

Her former boss, Zysla Smith, taught her what it takes to run a business.  She is thankful for the chance to open her own store and her hard work has enabled her to enjoy the things she is passionate about in life.



Some of Mary Beth’s Personal Philosophies

  1. Always Try Hard to be a Good Person
  2. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid
  3. Happiness is a solid marriage and a happy, safe and healthy family