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About TMB Imported Picture Frames

Story About Us!

TMB Imported Picture Frames is locally owned and operated by Timothy and Mary Beth Eckenroad. We opened the store over 20 years ago with the dream of owning our own business. We believe in showing our customers what can be done with solid framing and how it can transform any item into timeless beauty that reflects personal taste. When you invest in quality framing, it is a one-time investment. Framing is personal and subjective and deserves to be trusted to someone who will listen to your needs, tastes and style. Located just across the bridge in North Fort Myers TMB’s Imported Picture Frames is close to Downtown Fort Myers, Florida. Contact us for more information.


About Mary Beth

Mary Beth has been in the custom framing business since she was 15 years old. This experience, paired with her passion for framing, has given …


Vision and Mission

TMB Imported Picture Frames believes the conservation of your artwork, photography and keepsakes come first. The preservation of your items is our first priority. Therefore we provide …