• Holiday Framing Projects

    Framing doesn’t have to be about just a painting or photograph. We can frame favorite items like a baby blanket or article of clothing. One time I framed a tie that a child gave to his father for father’s day. A common misconception is that framing is expensive. TMB Imported Picture Frames offers a variety […]

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  • Proper Lighting Techniques

    1. Choose subdued lighting effects that will not reflect into the glass, especially if you are not using a reflection control product. 2. Add a sense of atmosphere by using wall lights or sconces on either side of your framed piece. 3. Add emphasis to framed pieces by adding individual picture lights. 4. Do not hang […]

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  • UV Light & Artwork

    Without light, there would be no art.  However, the very thing that allows us to enjoy art also destroys it.  The damaging effects of UV light on artwork are cumulative and irreversible.  All light sources, whether natural or artificial, have some of their components in the ultraviolet range.  Once damage from ultraviolet light has occurred, […]

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