Framing Tips

  • Preserve with Framing

    Picture Frames enhances elegance and splendor of your picture. Preserve memories with decorative picture Frames. Picture Frames add exceptionality to pictures and keeps your pictures and memories evergreen. Picture Frames provide support, protection and artistic veracity. The art of picture framing was instigated during the Renaissance period, due to the need to individualize and augment […]

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  • Make Your Holiday Present Remberable!

    Framing…The ONLY Christmas Gift Idea You Need Unique ~ Personalized ~ Creative Needlework, Antiques, Unique Items, Sports Memorabilia, Artwork, Posters or Prints and much more…need an idea we have them! Framing doesn’t always have to be about fine art or family portrait if it is eye appealing and/or meaningful to you it can be framed! […]

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  • 5 Summer Framing Ideas

    1. Looking for a fun summer project? Try rearranging your artwork. Don’t be afraid to get creative with arrangements. Odd numbers or different shapes and sizes together are always more visually interesting. 2. New matting is a great and inexpensive way to freshen up your existing artwork. 3.Before you start putting holes in your walls […]

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  • Framing Your School Picture

    School Picture Ideas School portrait day is right around the corner.  This long standing tradition can create a great time capsule for your family and make wonderful holiday photo gifts if done right. In order to get a fabulous end result you have to start off great.  Here are few tips to get a great […]

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  • Make Wedding Memories Last For Generations

    Transforming Wedding Memories to Last for Generations to Come… If you are search for the perfect wedding gift that shows thoughtfulness and will have your favorite happy couple beaming from ear to ear you should consider giving the gift of framing. You may be sitting there going huh right now, but think about it, framing […]

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  • Making Sports Memorabilia Last Generations

    Catch a fly ball this spring training season at Fenway South or Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers, FL? If you are looking for a way to preserve your memories of that special Boston Red Sox or Minnesota Twins spring training baseball game you attended in Fort Myers call TMB’s Imported Picture Frames. TMB’s Imported Picture […]

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  • New Year, Fresh Look

    Give your home a fresh new look in the New Year Are you looking for an affordable way to give your home an updated look? By simply rearranging your framed pieces and/or refreshing its matting you can easily change the look and feel of any room in your home. A very simple way to get […]

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  • Holiday Framing Projects

    Framing doesn’t have to be about just a painting or photograph. We can frame favorite items like a baby blanket or article of clothing. One time I framed a tie that a child gave to his father for father’s day. A common misconception is that framing is expensive. TMB Imported Picture Frames offers a variety […]

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  • Proper Lighting Techniques

    1. Choose subdued lighting effects that will not reflect into the glass, especially if you are not using a reflection control product. 2. Add a sense of atmosphere by using wall lights or sconces on either side of your framed piece. 3. Add emphasis to framed pieces by adding individual picture lights. 4. Do not hang […]

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  • UV Light & Artwork

    Without light, there would be no art.  However, the very thing that allows us to enjoy art also destroys it.  The damaging effects of UV light on artwork are cumulative and irreversible.  All light sources, whether natural or artificial, have some of their components in the ultraviolet range.  Once damage from ultraviolet light has occurred, […]

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