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Framing Your School Picture

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School Picture Ideas

School portrait day is right around the corner.  This long standing tradition can create a great time capsule for your family and make wonderful holiday photo gifts if done right.

In order to get a fabulous end result you have to start off great.  Here are few tips to get a great result on school picture day:

  • Recommended Clothing: Solid colors in medium to dark tones or subtle patterns or prints.
  • Clothing to Avoid: Solid white and bold patterns as it will compete with the subject for your eye’s attention. Your child’s face should be the focal point.
  • Background Choices: If given a choice pick one that is complimentary to your child’s clothing and coloring creating a contrast. Do not choose one that is the same color as your child’s clothing. If the clothing blends with the background your child could end up looking like a floating head.
  • Recommended Hair Tips: Keep bows, clips, ribbons, and headbands small. Wash, curl, or prepare your child’s hair for this special day. Remember the back of the head will not be seen so focus on the front, making sure it looks the best.
  • Hair Styling to Avoid: Fresh haircuts or new hairstyles. Avoid complicated braids and other styles. If the hair falls out it has to be easy for the child and/or the person assisting to fix it.
  • Ensure your child’s face and hair are clean, but also remember to make sure their hands and nails are clean, with no ink stains or halfway chipped off nail polish.
  • The Smile: Teach your child to relax instead of practicing to smile.  A natural and comfortable smile will come out much better than a forced one.  If a child rehearses a smile it may look forced or cause the child to freeze up in front of the camera.  Instead encourage your child to have a little fun and enjoy the moment. 

Now you have a great school picture what is the best way to showcase the school portrait for friends and family?  School photographs make great holiday gifts, birthday gifts and holiday cards. Not to mention a wonderful keepsake for your family for years to come. Create something that your child will look back on and share with their children.

Here are some ideas of what do with some of the photo sizes that come in that School Portrait Package.

The 8×10 when framed and matted is great to display in living and family rooms, staircases and hallways. It makes a great gift for the Grandparents as they tend to like the bigger sized photos to see their special little one’s face and eyes.

The 5×7 is another great size for gift giving. If you have multiple children you can collage the smaller photo’s together and give as one gift for aunts, uncles and grandparents.

The 3×5 is wonderful size for display at the office or give as gifts for relatives and special friends.

Class Pictures make a treasured keepsake that can preserved for years to come in the proper matting and framing. They look great in children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Additionally, a great idea is to start a collage frame for all your child’s school photos. Create a year by year timeline of your child’s school career. This unique idea makes a treasured keepsake and records your child growth year by year.


Thinking about matte colors and framing ideas? How about creating a theme using school colors or compliment what your child is wearing with a complimentary matte color.

Do you have more than one child or a few different poses that you can’t just pick one that you like? If you decide to purchase copy rights for your child’s school portraits consider printing a collage photo of all your favorite shots.  You can even include photos that you have taken throughout the year.  These photos can be purchased from any retailer that offers photo services like Walgreens or Walmart.  They are often inexpensive and make wonderful gifts for family members.  Once you have your collage picture you will want to preserve it with the proper frame, matting and glass.  The proper framing will preserve the photo for many years so you don’t have to worry about fading, ripping, tearing or any other damage happening to it.  Matting will also make the piece look high end and is great way to make colors pop.

TMB Imported Picture Frames offers affordable ways for you to preserve your child’s school portraits.  With a large selection of ready-made frames and custom framing on-site we can create a look that will not only look great, but will preserve these special photo’s for years to come.


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