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Holiday Framing Projects

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Framing doesn’t have to be about just a painting or photograph. We can frame favorite items like a baby blanket or article of clothing. One time I framed a tie that a child gave to his father for father’s day.

A common misconception is that framing is expensive. TMB Imported Picture Frames offers a variety of options for customers. Often readymade frames can be incorporated to fit every ones budget and now for a limited of time customers receive free clear glass with any framing purchase when they sign up.

The right framing will not only present your keepsakes in a beautiful way, it will help preserve them for generations to come. At TMB’s we offer conservation framing and glass solutions that will keep your antiques, favorite photos and whatever else you have protected from the harsh elements and UV rays.

Do you need some help on ideas or where to get started? Here are some of Mary Beth’s recommendations for everyone your list:

First decide if you want to do a collage of items or showcase just one item. Your choice will depend on the message you want to convey. Collages are great for items with a common theme or idea. It is great way to chronicle and showcase a specific event or period of time.

Dad or Mom –Gather up favorite children’s artwork, family and vacation photos, items collected throughout the year from family outings like ticket stubs, napkins, menus, postcards and put them photos meaningful to those events.

First Mommy or Daddy – Baby photographs, Christening gown, All baby’s favorites including hair, pictures, baby blankets, baby cards, shoes worn during the first steps, handprints, footprints, birth certificates.

Grandmother or Grandfather – antique photographs including baby and wedding, photos through years, military memorabilia, family vacation photographs, love letters, recipes, needlework, cross stitch, quilt work and unique certificates like birth or wedding.

Friends – funny photographs, pet items and photographs, favorite hobby or pastime, wedding photographs, group outings and events.

We are here to help you with your items and ideas and there is never any obligation. If you are not sure I encourage you to come into the store with your items and we will help you determine the best way to preserve it for years to come.



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