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Make Wedding Memories Last For Generations

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Transforming Wedding Memories to Last for Generations to Come…

If you are search for the perfect wedding gift that shows thoughtfulness and will have your favorite happy couple beaming from ear to ear you should consider giving the gift of framing. You may be sitting there going huh right now, but think about it, framing is a meaningful, thoughtful and original gift for any type of wedding and couple. It doesn’t matter if the happy couple has traditional tastes, contemporary or even modern the right frames and accents are available to complement their style and home décor.

Have you ever looked at your grandmother’s wedding portrait, held the aged and maybe tattered photograph, the corners are curled up just a little, the paper has become yellowed or discolored from age, but when you look at it you feel nostalgia or even see resemblance in the way she and you looked at the same age. As time has gone you could have possibly had that photograph framed for a golden or silver anniversary for preservation, but by then age has already taken its toll.

The proper framing can and will preserve photographs and memorabilia for generations to come. When money is invested in expensive photography, a wedding dress, flowers and more doesn’t it make sense to preserve and protect those memories with proper mounting, matting and UV glass? UV glass alone will help prevent discoloration and aging.

Many brides choose to preserve their wedding dress for their daughters and granddaughters, what about the picture of her wearing it?

Wouldn’t it be great if the future daughter, granddaughter or even great granddaughter has preserved photographs of what the dress was like on the bride? Investing in framing makes the perfects a great gift because keeps these happy times preserved for future generations to reminisce and enjoy.

Today there are so many ways to frame and preserve those memories and investments. At TMB Imported Picture Frames we can help you choose the right frame, mounting, matte and glass to protect your photographs for years to come.

If you love the idea of framing for your favorite newlyweds, but you want to do it on a smaller scale or want it to be really meaningful, you could frame the wedding invitation, engagement photographs, memories your share with the couple that you only know about or any items, photos that remind you of the couple.

Another popular choice that makes a great bridal shower gift is a favorite picture (possibly an engagement photo) of the happy couple with a signature matte that acts like a guest book at the wedding. Then when the big day is over they can frame to preserve it forever.

If you are looking for great gift that the couple will always remember you for then offering to preserve their memories will touch their heart and give them the chance to pass their memories down to their great, great, great grandchildren.




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