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Make Your Holiday Present Remberable!

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Framing…The ONLY Christmas Gift Idea You Need

Unique ~ Personalized ~ Creative

Needlework, Antiques, Unique Items, Sports Memorabilia, Artwork, Posters or Prints and much more…need an idea we have them!

Framing doesn’t always have to be about fine art or family portrait if it is eye appealing and/or meaningful to you it can be framed! Some of the unexpected items we have framed include; Pregnancy Tests, Calendar Pictures, Postcards, Newspaper articles and ads, greeting cards and love letters to name a few. Personalize your home with these great ideas or make it a gift as unique as the receiver.

Keep in mind that living in Florida with all the beautiful sunshine and warm weather is great for us. However, sunlight and extreme heat can damage your artwork, collectibles, antiques and other treasures. To protect your investments you should keep such items out of direct sunlight and keep your home cooled. We offer a wide variety of UV protective products to keep your pieces safe and looking great.

Remember if you can’t decide how or what to frame for you loved ones you can always surprise them with a gift certificate from TMB’s Imported Picture Frames this holiday season!

If it’s eye appealing and meaningful to you…



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