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UV Light & Artwork

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Without light, there would be no art.  However, the very thing that allows us to enjoy art also destroys it.  The damaging effects of UV light on artwork are cumulative and irreversible.  All light sources, whether natural or artificial, have some of their components in the ultraviolet range.  Once damage from ultraviolet light has occurred, it can never be reversed.

The most dramatic visual effect of exposure to UV light is the dramatic fading of colors, especially those colors that contain red. Other effects include the yellowing and/or bleaching of paper fibers, sizing, dyes, brighteners and fillers. Some pigments may experience the opposite effect and actually darken to black when exposed to UV light.

The materials that make up your artwork, the paper or fabric on which the image is displayed, may become brittle. Photos may appear yellow or stained with ghostly silver deposits rising to the surface.

UV Protection For Your Artwork

Glass Technology has brought about a glass product that effectively blocks out 97% of all UV rays.  Available in clear and reflection control, this glass will protect your artwork for years to come. Reflection Control may be a consideration depending on the intensity of the light in the room where your art will be displayed. This glass deflects “hot spots” and glare, so the beauty of the art can show through.

Try protecting your art with a UV protected glass and preserve your art forever.



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