Glass & Mirror

Glass & Mirror

All glass is not created equal.  If the item you are framing is one-of-a-kind, rare, irreplaceable, of great monetary or sentimental value or if the room you are hanging receives above average direct sunlight or fluorescent light, then your project should be framed with conservation glass. Exposure to UV light can cause artwork to become brittle, yellow and colors to fade.

If you want to hang your art near a lamp or window; you may want to use reflection glass.  Reflection control glass is available with or without protective UV coating.

Glass Types:

Clear Glass – Standard reflective glass

Non-Reflective Glass – Highest grade of non-reflective glass

Plex Glass – Available in Clear, Non-Reflective, UV and Non-Reflective UV. Commonly used for items displayed in public areas, kids rooms, over-sized pieces and items of high value.

UV Protective Glass

Clear UV – Looks like clear glass but has a coating that blocks out 96% of UV rays that will damage and fade your art, photos and other items.

Non Reflective UV – Offers the same protection as Clear UV however it does not show a glare.

Museum Glass – Has UV protection but appears like the work is not protected by glass. It showcases your finest art in the most life-like state while offering the highest level of protection for your valued art and collectables.