Matting & Drymounts


Matting is the border that surrounds the artwork within the frame.  Its purpose is both artistic and protective.  One of its main purposes is to keep your glass off your artwork, which can result in mildew, buckling and irreversible adhesion to the glass.

Creative and proper color selections will bring out color, increase drama and put your personal stamp on finished art work.  Mounting can make a $15 poster look like the Mona Lisa.

While cosmetic concerns are important, the use of acid free conservation mat board is vital to preserving artwork from acid and environmental elements that can irreversibly damage artwork.  We use only conservation grade mat boards.  These mats are available in a rainbow of colors, fabric textures and colored cores in sizes up to 40” x 60”.  We can even custom match your favorite sports team colors.


Dry Mounting

Dry mounting is a permanent adhesion used for open edition prints, photos, posters and maps.  It prevents warping and bubbling and creates a long lasting professional look.

Multi-piece Layouts*
Display Charts
Floor Plans/Seating Charts
Available up to 48” x 96″